Naja Rossoff has over 30 years experience teaching gymnastics from preschool ages thru competitive team levels.  She also teaches the beginning and intermediate level aerial circus arts as well as aerial yoga for adults.

Naja and her fantastic staff will ensure that every child and adult has a fun, safe and positive experience in every class.

Please feel free to contact Naja at any time with questions or comments!



Coaching Staff

Adrienne (A) Wise- Aerial circus director and recreation gymnastics coach

Lauren Burgess- Trampoline and Tumbling team coach

Anna Bursofsky- Recreation and Pre-team gymnastics coach

Sierra Gonzales- Recreation gymnastics coach

Lauren Maloney- Recreation gymnastics coach

Savannah Weatherby- Recreation gymnastics coach and aerial coach

Adam Kelly- Trampoline and Tumbling team coach

Teruvina Mozee-Rose- Aerial circus coach

Erika Radcliffe- Aerial circus coach

Nikki Unwin- Aerial circus coach

Jacqueline Bain- Birthday party coach

Elliott Blackwell- Ninja Zone and recreation gymnastics assistant coach

Shawn Tichenor- Ninja Zone and recreation gymnastics coach

Thomas Moore- Ninja Zone coach

Barb Hoffman- recreation coach and Ninja Zone director

Anna Burshofsky- recreation gymnastics, preteam and trampoline and tumbling team coach

Anna Graham- recreation gymnastic coach

Brenda Wang- recreation gymnastic coach

Carissa Moore- recreation gymnastic coach

Emilie Weiss- recreation gymnastic coach

Nikki Unwin- aerial circus coach

Tevy Zane- recreation gymnastic coach

Bailee Davis- recreation gymnastic coach