Bounce Gymnastics Rules

☺ Students are only allowed on the equipment during class time/open gym under the direct supervision of a staff member. Please do not enter practice area before or after class time/open gym time.

☺ Parents and siblings must stay in the observation area.

☺ Please do not sit or climb over the cubbies or fence.

☺ Gymnasts should have bare feet or gym shoes during practice time. Socks are too slippery.

☺ Adults may not attempt skills on any of the equipment. Adults are not allowed on the trampolines except to assist their child.

☺ No gum, candy or drinks are allowed in the gymnastics area.

☺ Long hair should be put up into a ponytail for class time.

☺ No bouncing from tramp to tramp.

☺ Always use the walkways to exist the trampoline area.

☺ Only one person per trampoline at all times.

☺ Never crawl under the Tumble Trak.

☺ Please do not climb onto the top of the donut mat.

☺ All mats belong on the floor, please do not throw or shove them at people.

☺ Have respect for the gym and the people in it.

☺ Have lots of fun learning gymnastics!

bounce gymnastics gym rules

Bounce Gymnastics and
Circus Arts Center

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